Case Studies
Agile Cabinets Logo

Agile Cabinets

Our focus is on delivering high quality products and services at a competitive price, using sophisticated software and state of the art machinery. We had previously been using another 3D CAD software but had been experiencing issues with crashing and productivity issues which had resulted in set-out becoming a bottleneck in our business.

We made the decision to transition to TopSolid'Wood as we could see that it would allow us to improve our productivity due to its superior associativity and connectivity. Not only can we model all units with TopSolid'Wood, including complex curved units, but we can make changes to these units on the original model.

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AMD Commercial

TopSolid Australia products and services helped to streamline our operations and increase our productivity. TopSolid’Wood is a powerful tool with the capability to complete complex jobs to a tight timeline and deliver creative projects that exceed client expectations.

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Associated Shopfitters

After five years, I still can’t believe how progressive and powerful the software is. Each time I use it I’m amazed. It’s flexible and as far as our tests have proved – limitless.

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Blue Gum Joinery

In 2014 we decided that we needed to speed up the set-out time for our custom designs. We were already using a popular CAD/CAM software program but it was proving too time consuming.

TopSolid'Wood is a true 3D software solution and this has great benefits for both the set-out and production environments. It gives Blue Gum the ability to create and modify our own construction methods, which is important when designing custom pieces.

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Capital Veneering

TopSolid’Wood has been a great addition to the manufacturing processes we have at Capital Veneering. With the detailed and sometimes complex projects we work on a smart, user modifiable software solution was required. The tight lead times we work with also meant that we needed to reduce drawing revision and pre-production times. TopSolid’Wood has allowed this to happen.

My team are very happy that we changed over to TopSolid’Wood from our old software and are able to produce more work for the factory with less overtime.

The team at TopSolid Australia have been a big part in the implementation of TopSolid’Wood at Capital Veneering and have always been there for us to assist and guide, even when I have made the error.

Frilingos Commercial Interiors Logo

Frilingos Commercial Interiors

We were already using other CAD/CAM software for the commercial joinery and shopfitting market, but we needed to improve our shop drawing and set-out process. We needed software that would allow us to streamline the set-out process and improve our productivity, not just keep employing additional set-out operators. TopSolid'Wood was a solution that could do this for us. We saw TopSolid'Wood as a tool that would allow us to look to the long term and make meaningful process improvements within our business.

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Greenmount Espies Ltd

TopSolid’Wood is capable of handling versatile and difficult joinery items. It has incredible capacity and is backed by a knowledgeable team in TopSolid Australia.

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Harvey Norman Shopfitting

Rob, Chris, Adam and Lisa have assisted and supported the Shopfitting Team at Harvey Norman since we introduced, and continue to use, TopSolid’Wood and the services of TopSolid Australia. An excelltn products that is supported by an excellent team.

I.S.M. Interiors Logo

I.S.M. Interiors

After researching the market offerings we decided on TopSolid'Wood for our CAD/CAM software needs. We particularly like its advanced, flexible nature and the fact that we quickly established a solid working relationship with the team at TopSolid Australia.

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Meloz Manufacturing Pt Ltd

In January 2014, a decision was made bring product design in-house. After a comprehensive market investigation, TopSolid’Wood was selected; based not only on its flexibility but also on its ability to produce output suitable for our machinery seamlessly. A key factor in the decision-making process was the knowledge and expertise of the TopSolid consultants that we constantly leverage off.

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VOS Group

We could recommend TopSolid Australia to others because of the advanced software capabilities, but we can go one step further and recommend TopSolid Australia because their customer service is second to none.

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TopSolid’Wood handles complex design with ease and works with integrated equipment to bring designs to life. It is integral in setting out complex custom designs and enabling us to design for construction.

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Select Custom Joinery

Due to the custom nature of our business we design a lot of our work in-house. Prior to investing in TopSolid'Wood we were supplying our designs with simple 2D elevations. Our cut lists were entered manually into an optimiser and then labels and cut lists were printed. We needed to have better presentations of designs and streamline the cut list process to make it quicker and have less errors.

When investigating the different software options on the market I used a clock we had previously designed and built and asked a number of software companies if they could create the clock with their software. Most of the software companies we talked to were honest with their feedback and told us that their software was unsuitable for this type of work. However, the representative from TopSolid Australia was confident that it would not be a problem for TopSolid'Wood.